If your company is like ours, you’re often faced with “Fortune 500 problems” that must be solved with mid-market budgets and headcounts. When was the last time you proposed 100 people and 18 months as the solution to a problem? Not an option, right. So you find yourself struggling to respond instantly to everyday demands while trying to manage growth and control costs.

Fortunately, Cohen Strategy Group, LLC offers an effective source for those questions.

Internet commerce is transforming business as we know it. There are new types of consumers and new ways of reaching them. There are new paradigms for making money and providing services. Keeping up with the dynamic online marketplace is now vital for all companies. And information is the key.

We have the expertise to produce a full range of advanced solutions for all corporate needs. Our client services include:

· Strategy: High End Strategy and Business Development
· Relationships: Leveraging of Established Industry Contacts to Drive Business
· Auditing: Business Plan, Brand & Strategy Audits Conducted to Ensure Success
· Marketing: Online and Off-line Marketing Strategies and Campaigns Assembled
· Ad Sales: Targeted Solutions to Attract Advertising and Sponsorship Markets