We are a leading strategic consulting firm helping executives rapidly develop critical strategies that leverage new technologies. These strategies enable successful companies to protect, evolve, and transform their business for sustained competitive advantage in an economy driven by emerging Internet and digital technologies. We employ a proprietary development process across all three of our integrated service offerings:
· Strategy, Plan and Brand Audits,
· Strategy Consultation, Creation and Development, and
· Strategy Implementation and Revenue Acquisition

We provide these services to clients in the technology, government, financial services, retail and consumer goods, communications and media, and manufacturing industries. We emphasize a solid strategic foundation and focused implementation...because in this uncertain business environment you can't afford to get it wrong.

We have the expertise to produce a full range of advanced solutions for all corporate needs. Our client services include:

· Strategy: High End Strategy and Business Case Development
· Revenue Generation and Sales: Targeted Solutions to Sell Deeper into Existing and New Markets, Attract Advertising and Sponsorship
· Marketing Communications: Online and Off-line Marketing Strategies and Campaigns Assembled
· Relationship Acquisition and Acceleration: Leveraging of Established Industry Contacts to Drive Business
· Auditing: Business Plan, Brand & Strategy Audits Conducted to Ensure Success
· Public Policy and Political Issues Advocacy: Political Liaising to Ensure Desired Results
· International Outreach: Transition and Expansion of Operations Assistance Within the United States or Abroad